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Table 1 Reference strains tested with MALDI-TOF MS analysis

From: Rapid species-level identification of vaginal and oral lactobacilli using MALDI-TOF MS analysis and 16S rDNA sequencing

Species Culture collection number* MALDI-TOF MS BioTyper log score
L. casei DSM 20011 L. casei** 2.267
L. paracasei DSM 20020 L. paracasei 2.080
L. fermentum DSM 20052 L. fermentum** 1.974
L. brevis DSM 20054 L. brevis** 2.258
L. delbrückii DSM 20074 L. delbrückii** 2.097
L. plantarum DSM 20174 L. plantarum** 2.303
L. acidophilus DSM 20242 L. acidophilus 2.337
L. gasseri DSM 20243 L. gasseri** 2.341
L. salivarius DSM 20555 L. salivarius** 2.170
L. jensenii DSM 20557 L. jensenii** 2.089
  1. *DSM: German collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (DSMZ, Braunschweig, Germany).
  2. ** Type strains.