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Table 2 In silico analysis of sequenced putative proteins using the software FaaPred

From: Alterations of protein expression in conditions of copper-deprivation for Paracoccidioides lutzii in the presence of extracellular matrix components

Protein Access number Prediction SVM Score
Putative protein [Leptosphaeria maculans] emb|CBX92058.1| Adhesin 0.33534569
Putative protein AlmafMp28 [Allomyces macrogynus] ref|NP_043747.1| Non-adhesin −1.7894963
Putative protein FG10078.1 [Gibberellazeae PH-1] ref|XP_390254.1| Non-adhesin −1.0139011
Putative protein GLRG_02918 [Glomerella graminicola M1.001] gb|EFQ27774.1| Adhesin −0.63979878
Putative protein NFIA_096170 [Neosartorya fischeri NRRL 181] ref|XP_001261893.1| Non-adhesin −1.5268407
Putative protein PABG_07299 [Paracoccidioides brasiliensis Pb03] gb|EEH17212.1| Non-adhesin −1.3347091
Putative protein [Botryotinia fuckeliana B05.10] ref|XP_001556274.1| Non-adhesin −2.6864038
Putative protein [Leptosphaeria maculans] emb|CBX91968.1| Non-Adhesin −1.2838827