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Table 1 GenBank accession numbers for HAV isolates

From: Hepatitis A virus subgenotyping based on RT-qPCR assays

Genotype Reference strain GenBank accession number
HAV IA AB020564.1 EU526088; EU526089; EU131373; AB020567; X75216; EF406357; AB623053; X83302; X75214; AB020569; AB618531; AB020565; K02990; AB618529; AF485328; EF207320; HM769724; AB020564; EU251188; X75215; AB020568; HQ437707; AF512536; AB020566; AF357222
HAV IB M14707 HQ246217; NC_001489; M14707; HV192265; FB746524; M59810; EF406361; EF406359; EF405360; DQ646426; EF406363; EF406362; AF268396; M59809; M16632; M59808; EF406358; AF314208; M20273
HAV IIA AY644676.1 AY574059; AY644676; GU390574; GU390572; GU390577; GU390576
HAV IIB AY644670.1 AY644670; Z77248; Z77247; Z77245; Z77244; Z77243; Z77246
HAV IIIA AB279732.1 AB279732; FJ360735; EU011791; FJ360730; FJ360733; DQ991030; AB279734; DQ991029; FJ360732; FJ360734; AB279733; FJ360731
HAV IIIB AB279735.1 AB279735; AB258387; AB425339; AB300205
  1. Nucleic acid sequences were used to design primers and probes sets.