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Table 5 Differentially expressed genes related to transposon functions

From: Microarray analysis of the transcriptional responses of Porphyromonas gingivalis to polyphosphate

Locus no. Putative identification Avg fold difference
Mobile and extrachromosomal element functions: Transposon functions
PG0019 ISPg4 transposase 1.57
PG0050 ISPg4, transposase 1.81
PG0177 ISPg4, transposase 1.87
PG0194 ISPg3, transposase 2.18
PG0225 ISPg4, transposase 1.80
PG0261 ISPg3, transposase 2.20
PG0459 ISPg5, transposase 1.60
PG0487 ISPg4, transposase 1.98
PG0798 ISPg3, transposase 2.11
PG0819 Integrase 1.80
PG0838 Integrase 3.36
PG0841 Mobilizable transposon, excision protein, putative 3.78
PG0842 Mobilizable transposon, hypothetical protein, putative 2.84
PG0872 Mobilizable transposon, xis protein 3.87
PG0873 Mobilizable transposon, tnpC protein 9.34
PG0874 Mobilizable transposon, int protein 2.42
PG0875 Mobilizable transposon, tnpA protein 1.68
PG0970 ISPg4, transposase 1.79
PG1032 ISPg3, transposase 2.23
PG1061 ISPg6, transposase 2.03
PG1261 ISPg4, transposase 2.06
PG1262 ISPg3, transposase 2.11
PG1435 Integrase 2.77
PG1454 Integrase 1.88
PG1658 ISPg4, transposase 1.83
PG1673 ISPg4, transposase 1.77
PG2194 ISPg4, transposase 1.85
PG0461 ISPg7, transposase −2.77
PG0277 ISPg2, transposase −1.58
PG0865 ISPg2, transposase −1.53
PG1746 ISPg2, transposase −1.63
PG2176 ISPg2, transposase −1.58
PG1350 ISPg2, transposase −1.53