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Table 2 List of 51 genes that are expressed 3-fold and lower in the wild-type versus Δ bsaN mutant strains (p < 0.01)

From: Characterization and analysis of the Burkholderia pseudomallei BsaN virulence regulon

Gene locus ID Gene Protein description Fold repression
T3SS3 apparatus  
BPSS1545 bsaO   −3.3
BPSS1547 bsaM   −5.6
BPSS1548 bsaL   −5.0
BPSS1549 bsaK   −4.7
BPSS1550 bsaJ   −3.9
BPSS1551 orgA   −3.0
Flagella-dependent motility  
BPSL0281 flgL Flagellar hook-associated protein −3.3
BPSL3319 fliC Flagellin −3.7
BPSL3320 fliD Flagellin −3.0
BPSL3321   Unknown −3.1
Polyketide biosynthesis  
BPSS0130   Non-ribosomal peptide synthase −3.1
BPSS0303-BPSS0311   PKS biosynthesis locus −3.0 - (−6.1)
BPSS0328   Malate/L-lactate dehydrogenase −7.8
BPSS0329   Fatty aldehyde dehydrogenase −9.6
BPSS0330   Amino acid transporter −19.7
BPSS0331   Dihydrodipicolinate synthase −19.0
BPSS0332   Hydroxyproline-2-epimerase −21.7
BPSS0333   Deaminating oxidase subunit −18.8
BPSS0334   Deaminating oxidase subunit −24.7
BPSS0335   Deaminating oxidase subunit −20.1
BPSS0337    −3.0
BPSS0338   Transposase −12.0
BPSS0339   4-Hydroxyphenylpyruvate −8.2
Lipid metabolism
BPSS2037   Inner membrane fatty acid desaturase −3.0
BPSS2038   Acyl carrier protein −3.4
BPSS2039   Cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase −3.6
BPSS2040   Inner membrane fatty acid desaturase −3.2
Energy metabolism  
BPSL1744 arcB Ornithine carbamoyltransferase −3.4
BPSL1745 arcC Carbamate kinase −3.2
BPSL2404   Periplasmic ligand binding protein −7.3
BPSL2405   FAD-dependent deaminase −5.4
BPSS1885   Aromatic hydrocarbons catabolism-related reductase −3.1
BPSS1886   Aromatic hydrocarbons catabolism-related dioxygenase −4.2
BPSS1887   Aromatic oxygenase −3.1
BPSS1888   Aromatic oxygenase −3.0
BPSL2380 cyoC Cytochrome bo oxidase subunit −3.4
BPSL2381 cyoD Cytochrome bo oxidase subunit −3.0
BPSS0336   AraC-type regulator, adjacent to polyketide genes −8.1
BPSL3369 acoD Glycine betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase −4.0