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Table 1 Virulence and fitness-associated genes located on the genetic load region of pRS218

From: Complete nucleotide sequence of pRS218, a large virulence plasmid, that augments pathogenic potential of meningitis-associated Escherichia coli strain RS218

Gene name Virulence/fitness-associated traits Function Reference
pRS218_010 Putative Na-translocating NADH dehydrogenase Na+efflux (NrqC subunit) [19]
pRS218_013 High affinity Fe2+permease Iron acquisition [13]
pRS218_014 High affinity Fe2+periplasmic component Iron acquisition [13]
pRS218_015 High affinity Fe2+ protein, membrane component Iron acquisition [13]
pRS218_016 High affinity Fe2+ binding protein, permease Iron acquisition [13]
pRS218_017 Putative ABC transport sys, permease Type I secretion [13]
pRS218_018 Putative ABC transport system, ATP-binding Type I secretion [13]
pRS218_019 TonB-dependent heme/hemoglobin receptor Iron acquisition [13]
pRS218_039 SenB Enterotoxin in EIEC/Shigella [26]
pRS218_001 Putative GTP binding protein, YihA Cell signaling and membrane ruffling [20]
pRS218_190 Hemolysin expression modulating protein Thermo-osmotic regulation of hly [13]
pRS218_007 Suppressor for copper sensitivity ScsC/ScsD Copper tolerance [25]
pRS218_022 Glucose-1-phosphatase Virulence regulator [21]
pRS218_116 Lytic transglycosylases Cell division [22]