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Table 5 Regulators and factors involved in virulence and/or resistance subject to regulation by CcpA and glucose

From: Effect of a glucose impulse on the CcpA regulon in Staphylococcus aureus

ID   Producta wt mut
N315 Newman common   +/-b +/-b
Glucose-dependent regulation by CcpA
Down-regulated by glucose
*SA0107 NWNM_0055 spa immunoglobulin G binding protein A precursor 0.2 1.1
SA0620 NWNM_0634   secretory antigen SsaA homologue 0.4 0.9
SA0841 NWNM_0851   similar to cell surface protein Map-w 0.4 0.9
SA0905 NWNM_0922 atl autolysin (N-acetylmuramyl-L-alanine amidase and endo-b-N-acetylglucosaminidase) 0.4 1.1
SA2353 NWNM_2466   similar to secretory antigen precursor SsaA 0.5 1.0
SA2356 NWNM_2469 isaA immunodominant antigen A 0.4 0.8
Up-regulated by glucose
SA1010 NWNM_1076   similar to exotoxin 4 2.3 0.6
SA1700 NWNM_1822 vraR two-component response regulator 2.2 0.8
SA1701 NWNM_1823 vraS two-component sensor histidine kinase 2.5 0.7
SA1869 NWNM_1970 sigB sigma factor B 1.7 1.0
SA1870 NWNM_1971 rsbW anti-sigmaB factor 2.2 1.1
SA1871 NWNM_1972 rsbV anti-sigmaB factor antagonist 1.3 0.9
SA1872 NWNM_1973 rsbU sigmaB regulation protein RsbU 0.9 0.7
SA2290 NWNM_2397 fnbB fibronectin-binding protein homologue 2.6 0.9
*SA2329 NWNM_2440 cidA murein hydrolase regulator 3.5 1.4
  1. a Cellular main roles are in accordance with the N315 annotation of the DOGAN website [26] and/or the KEGG website [27].
  2. b Comparison of gene expression with (+) and without (-) glucose, genes with a +/- glucose ratio of ≤ 0.5 or ≥2 in the wild-type were considered to be regulated
  3. c Comparison of gene expression of wild-type (wt) and ΔccpA mutant (mut) at OD600 1 (T0) and 30 min later (T30). genes with a wt/mut ratio of ≤ 0.5 or ≥2 were considered to be regulated.
  4. * Genes containing putative cre-sites