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Table 4 CcpA-dependent genes coding for transport/binding proteins and lipoproteins regulated by glucose

From: Effect of a glucose impulse on the CcpA regulon in Staphylococcus aureus

ID   Producta wt mut
N315 Newman common   +/-b +/-b
Down-regulated by glucose
SA0100 NWMN_0049   similar to Na+ Pi-cotransporter 0.2 1.7
*SA0186 NWNM_0136   sucrose-specific PTS tranporter IIBC component protein 0.4 1.2
*SA0302 NWNM_0255   probable pyrimidine nucleoside transport protein 0.4 1.8
SA1848 NWNM_1950 nrgA probable ammonium transporter 0.4 0.8
SA2226 NWNM_2337   similar to D-serine/D-alanine/glycine transporter 0.2 0.9
SA2227 NWNM_2337   amino acid ABC transporter homologue 0.1 0.9
Up-regulated by glucose
SA0166 NWNM_0116   similar to nitrate transporter 2.8 1.1
SA0167 NWNM_0117   similar to membrane lipoprotein SrpL 2.8 1.6
SA0168 NWNM_0118   similar to probable permease of ABC transporter 2.3 1.1
SA0214 NWMN_0158 uhpT hexose phosphate transport protein 2.1 1.1
SA0335 NWMN_0340   twin-arginine translocation protein TatA 2.2 1.4
SA0374 NWNM_0379 pbuX xanthine permease 7.2 1.1
*SA0655 NWNM_0669 fruA fructose specific permease 2.4 1.3
SA0769 NWNM_0780   D-methionine transport system ATP-binding protein 2.4 0.8
SA0770 NWNM_0781   D-methionine transport system permease 2.4 1.0
SA1270 NWNM_1347   similar to amino acid permease 2.0 1.1
SA2053 NWNM_2158   glucose uptake protein homologue 2.5 1.2
SA2234 NWMN_2344 opuCD probable glycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter (membrane part) OpuCD 1.6 1.2
SA2235 NWMN_2345 opuCC glycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter (osmoprotection) OpuCC 1.9 1.2
SA2236 NWMN_2346 opuCB probable glycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter (membrane part) OpuCB 1.9 1.1
*SA2237 NWMN_2347 opuCA glycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter (ATP-binding) OpuCA 2.6 1.0
SA2239 NWNM_2349   similar to amino acid transporter 2.2 1.1
SA2443 NWMN_2549   similar to accessory secretory protein Asp3 2.0 1.2
SA2444 NWMN_2550   similar to accessory secretory protein Asp2 2.3 1.3
Partially controlled by CcpA
SA0432 NWMN_0438 treP PTS system, trehalose-specific IIBC component 0.5 0.2
SA1218 NWNM_1297 pstB phosphate ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein (PstB) 0.5 2.6
SA1219 NWNM_1298   similar to phosphate ABC transporter 0.4 2.7
SA1220 NWNM_1299   similar to phosphate ABC transporter 0.3 3.7
SA1960 NWNM_2057 mtlF PTS system, mannitol specific IIBC component 6.4 0.2
*SA2293 NWNM_2401 gntP gluconate permease 0.7 2.5
SA2434 NWNM_2540   PTS system, fructose-specific IIABC component 1.2 0.4
  1. a Cellular main roles are in accordance with the N315 annotation of the DOGAN website [26] and/or the KEGG website [27].
  2. bComparison of gene expression with (+) and without (-) glucose, genes with a +/- glucose ratio of ≤ 0.5 or ≥2 in the wild-type were considered to be regulated
  3. *Genes containing putative cre-sites