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Table 1 The twelve strains provided for the Ring trial Brucella 2007.

From: Lab on a chip genotyping for Brucella spp. based on 15-loci multi locus VNTR analysis

Strainsa Species Biovar Classification according MLVA Database Genotypingb Origin
bru015 B. suis 2 Thomsen (ATCC23445; BCCN R13) Denmark
bru002 B. abortus 1 544 (ATCC 23448; BCCN R4) England
bru011 B. melitensis 2 63/9 (ATTC 23457; BCCN R2) Turkey
bru004 B. abortus 3 Tulya (ATCC 23450; BCCN R6) Uganda
Bru517/bru522 B. canis   B. canis Romania/France
bru016 B. suis 3 686 (ATCC 23446; BCCN R14) United States
bru009 B. melitensis 3 Ether (ATCC 23458; BCCN R3) Italia
bru003 B. abortus 2 86/8/59 (ATCC 23449; BCCN R5) England
bru537 B. ovis    France (64)
bru022 B. pinnipediae   B2/94 (BCCN 94–73) Scotland
bru014 B. suis 1 1330 (ATCC 23444; BCCN R12) United States
bru001 B. melitensis 1 16M (ATTC 23456; BCCN R1) United States
  1. a Strains according to Le Flèche [23]
  2. b MLVA bank for bacterial genotyping [29]