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Table 5 Serotypes and intimin subtypes of EPEC isolated from children with diarrhoea and control children in Kuwait

From: Diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli are not a significant cause of diarrhoea in hospitalised children in Kuwait

Strain number Serotype Intimin subtype Strain number Serotype Intimin subtype
23 O121:H19 Int-ε 222 O111ac:HNT Int-ν
24 O118: H8 Int-θ 224 OE8686–77:H21 Int-β
49 O129:H19 Int-ε    
87 ONT: HNTa Int-ξ 229 O111ac:H- Int-β
89 O113:H19 Int-ν 231 ONT:HNT Int-θ
121 ONT: H2 Int-ε 246 O26:H- Int-β
127 O55:H- b Int-θ 251 O26:H- Int-θ
130 O157:H- Int-κ 252 O26:H- Int-β
151 O123:HNT Int-ε 257 O85:H31 Int-ζ
153 ONT: H- Int-θ 319 O98:H- Int-ζ
159 O145:HNT Int-α1 341 O85:H31 Int-ζ
174 O85:H- Int-ζ C34d ONT:HNT Int-θ
197 O80:H- NTc C90d ONT:H7 Int-β
213 O118:H11 Int-β C87d O26:H- Int-β
  1. a OHT:HNT = O & H antigens non-typeable
  2. bSerotypes in bold-face are traditional EPEC serotypes
  3. cNT = Intimin non-typeable
  4. dIsolates from control children; all other isolates were from children with diarrhoea