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Table 1 Genes from subtraction libraries

From: Genetic identity and differential gene expression between Trichomonas vaginalis and Trichomonas tenax

genome ID protein property/function
1. 83711.m00144 Profilin A related cytoskeletal rearrangement
2. 97241.m00125 Malic enzyme (cytosol) metabolism
3. 82114.m00023 Actin-related protein cytoskeletal rearrangement
4. 87955.m00248 Alcohol dehydrogenase 1 metabolism
5. 96423.m00213 lectin repeat family protein unknown
6. 88613.m00095 TvP14 (fibronectin-like protein-1) unknown
7. 85938.m00080 CDC42 homolog surface cell division cycle -GTP-binding protein
8. 85736.m00011 Profilin A related cytoskeletal rearrangement
9. 83363.m00072 CP3, cysteine protease 3 unknown
10. 92775.m00058 fructose bis-phosphate aldolase metabolism
11 92066.m00127 AP65-1 adhesin protein
12. 92321.m00066 GAPDH metabolism
13. 135865.m0003 GAPDH metabolism
14. 94493.m00018 GAPDH metabolism
15. 110112.m00002 hypothetical protein 2 unknown
16. 80829.m00126 hypothetical protein unknown