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Table 3 Initial ability of C. jejuni strains to colonize and cause enteritis in C57BL/6 IL-10-/- mice.

From: Multiple factors interact to produce responses resembling spectrum of human disease in Campylobacter jejuni infected C57BL/6 IL-10-/- mice

C. jejuni strain C. jejuni detectable by culture; culture verified by PCR C. jejuni detectable by PCR; not detectable by culture Number of mice having gross pathology* Number of mice having histopathology
(score ≥ 10)**
11168 5/5 mice multiple tissues NA*** 1/5 1/5
D2586 5/5 mice multiple tissues NA 2/5 1/5
D2600 5/5 mice multiple tissues NA 2/5 1/5
D0835 5/5 mice multiple tissues NA 2/5 1/5
NW 5/5 mice multiple tissues NA 2/5 0/5
33560 (D0133) 0/5 mice multiple tissues 5/5 mice multiple tissues 0/5 0/5
D0121 0/5 mice multiple tissues 2/5 mice
weak band single tissue
0/5 0/5
  1. * The following gross pathological changes were recorded: enlarged ileocecocolic lymph nodes, thickened colon wall, and presence of blood in the intestinal lumen.
  2. ** See Mansfield et al. [40] for details of the scoring system used.
  3. *** NA, not applicable.