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Figure 9

From: Multiple factors interact to produce responses resembling spectrum of human disease in Campylobacter jejuni infected C57BL/6 IL-10-/- mice

Figure 9

Plasma anti- C. jejuni antibody levels in mice on different dietary regimes (experiment 5). A comparison with a balanced design included infected and control mice kept on the ~12% fat diet, kept on the ~6% fat diet, or experiencing a transition from the ~12% fat diet to the ~6% fat diet just prior to inoculation. Panel A, IgG2b; Panel B, IgG2c; panel C, IgG3; panel D, IgG1; and panel E, IgA. Bars represent the average OD450/μg plasma protein of 10 mice; whiskers indicate standard error. P values of statistically significant differences between antibody levels are shown on the graph. TSB, sham inoculated control mice.

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