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Figure 8

From: Multiple factors interact to produce responses resembling spectrum of human disease in Campylobacter jejuni infected C57BL/6 IL-10-/- mice

Figure 8

Survival, gross and histopathology in mice on different dietary regimes (experiments 2 and 5). Results from two comparisons are shown. One comparison of infected mice on the ~12% fat diet with infected and control mice that experienced a dietary shift from a ~12% fat diet to an ~6% fat diet 3 to 5 days prior to inoculation with C. jejuni was conducted concomitantly with the final phase of experiment 2 (serial passage experiment). In experiment 5 (diet comparison), the balanced design included control and infected mice kept on the 12% fat diet throughout the experiment, kept on the 6% fat diet throughout the experiment, or subjected to a transition from the 12% fat diet to the 6% fat diet just prior to inoculation. No sham-inoculated control mice (TSB, tryptose soy broth) required early euthanasia or showed gross pathological changes on necropsy; data are not shown. In panel D, boxes enclose the central 50% of the scores; whiskers indicate the maximum and minimum scores; diamonds indicate the median score. ICC, enlarged ileocecocolic lymph node; TW, thickened colon wall; BC, bloody contents in GI tract; TSB; sham inoculated control mice.

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