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Figure 6

From: Suppression of RNA interference increases alphavirus replication and virus-associated mortality in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Figure 6

Infection and dissemination of TE/3'2J, TE/3'2J/GFP, and TE/3'2J/B2 viruses in Ae. aegypti mosquitoes following oral bloodmeal. At the indicated day post-bloodmeal, viral titers were determined for A) midguts and remaining B) mosquito carcass. n = 48 per group. "TE/3"' = TE/3'2J, "GFP" = TE/3'2J-GFP, "B2" = TE/3'2J/B2. Horizontal line represents the mean for each data set. (*) above data set indicates that the mean TE/3'2J/B2 titer is significantly higher than TE/3'2J and TE/3'2J/GFP infections. (**) below the infection and dissemination rates indicates significantly higher infection and dissemination rates as compared to TE/3'2J virus infection. Due to the lack of dissemination positive mosquitoes in the Day 4 TE/3 and GFP samples (Figure B), statistical significance of the Day 4 B2 group as compared to the TE/3 and GFP groups could not be determined.

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