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Table 1 Fold changes in transcript levels of GBS genes.

From: Analysis of growth-phase regulated genes in Streptococcus agalactiaeby global transcript profiling

Gene Fold change in S phase (S/ML ratio) Putative function
S phase related genes
hrcA, grpE, dnaK (gbs0094–96), +4 to +7.5 Stress response
clpE, and clpL (gbs0535 and gbs1376) +4.5 and +7.5 Chaperones
gbs1202/1204, gbs1721, gbs1772 + 30 to +64 Putative stress response proteins from Gls24 and universal stress response families
gbs2083–2085 +350 to over +1000 arginine/ornithine antiporter, carbamate kinase, ornithine carbamoyltransferase
gbs2122–2126 +55 to +150 arginine deiminase ornithine carbamoyltransferase, arginine/ornithine antiporter carbamate kinase
glpKDF (gbs0263–5) +45 to +63 putative operon responsible for glycerol uptake and utilization.
Nutrient utilization and energy metabolism
fba gbs0125 +2.2 fructose-bisphosphate aldolase
plr gbs1811 +3.1 glyceraldehyde 3P-dehydrogenase
pgk gbs1809 +2.8 phosphoglycerate kinase
eno gbs0608 +2.5 enolase
acoAB (gbs 0895–0896) +4 pyruvate dehydrogenase
ldh gbs0947 +2.8 L-lactate dehydrogenase
Regulators and signal transduction systems
gbs 1671/2 -2 TCS CovR/S
gbs1908/9 +10/14 TCS, homolog of GAS Spy1106/7 (SF370)
gbs1934/5 +5/+5 TCS, homolog of Spy1061/2 (SF370)
gbs2081/2 -2.3/-1.7 TCS, putative arginine utilization regulator
gbs2086/7 2.5/2.6 TCS, putative arginine utilization regulator
gbs1834/5 -7.5/-11.7 TCS
gbs1397/8 -7/-5.8 TCS
gbs0597/8 -5/-8.5 TCS
gbs0121/2 -2/1 TCS
gbs0298/9 -3/-1.8 TCS
gbs0309/10 -3.3/-3 TCS
gbs0429/30 -2.4/-1.6 TCS
gbs0963/4 +1.7/+2 TCS
gbs1019/20 -1.9/-1.9 TCS
gbs1947/8 -3/-2.4 TCS
gbs1943/4 -2.1/-2.7 TCS
gbs0680 +3.1 CcpA
gbs0191 +50 putative transcriptional antiterminator of the BglG family
gbs0469 -34 Regulator of unknown function
relA (gbs1928) -50 GTP pyrophosphokinase
codY (gbs1719;) -8 Global regulator
luxS (gbs0294) -3 Quorum sensing
mecA (gbs0135) -20 Global regulator of competence
Virulence factors
gbs1420 +6.26 choline-binding protein
gbs1539 +4.67 cell wall anchored protein
gbs1929 +5.48 putative nucleotidase
gbs1143 +2.61 cell wall anchored protein
gbs0451 -2 paralog of C5A peptidase precursor
gbs1104 -6.15 cell wall anchored protein
gbs1529 -11 putative fibronectin binding protein
gbs0850 -3 putative fibronectin binding protein
gbs1307 -3 laminin binding protein
gbs1926 -3 putative laminin binding protein
gbs1475/6 -5.5 sortases
gbs0644–0654 -1.6 to -2.8 hemolysin
gbs1061–1076 -2.5 to -12.9 pathogenicity island IX
gbs1233–1247 -3 to -12.4 capsule synthesis
cpsX gbs1250 4.4 capsule synthesis regulator
gbs1478/9, gbs1481, gbs1484/5, gbs1492–1494 -3 to -12 Putative group B antigen
Cfa gbs2000 +11.6 CAMP factor
  1. The table presents fold change in S phase in comparison with ML phase, classification into functional categories, and putative function.