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Figure 1

From: Growth in glucose-based medium and exposure to subinhibitory concentrations of imipenem induce biofilm formation in a multidrug-resistant clinical isolate of Acinetobacter baumannii

Figure 1

PFGE profiles of A. baumannii genomes after digestion with ApaI restriction nuclease (Lanes 1-7, top to bottom). 5 of the 69 isolates identified in this study and analyzed by PFGE are shown (Lanes 1-5). Lane 1, Isolate from urine sample (see Table 1, line 22); Lane 2: Isolate from soft tissue swab (Table 1, line 4); Lane 3: Isolate from blood sample (Table 1, line 8); Lane 4: Isolate from wound swab (Table 1, line 7); Lane 5: Isolate from bronchoaspirate sample (Table 1, Line 5). Isolates were compared to strains representative of European clones I (RUH875, Lane 7) and II (RUH134, Lane 6). Strains belonging to the same clone are clustered at a level of 80% by PFGE with the parameters used as shown by the dendrogram analysis shown on the left.

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