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Table 1 IVSs within 23S rRNA genes from Campylobacter organisms analyzed in the present study

From: Identification and characterization of intervening sequences within 23S rRNA genes from more than 200 Campylobacterisolates from seven species including atypical campylobacters

Organism Isolate IVS name Accession No.
C. sputorum LMG7975 C. sp IVS AB491949
C. sputorum LMG8535 C. sp no IVS AB491950
C. jejuni 86-375 C. je IVSA AB491951
C. jejuni 85-3 C. je IVSB AB491952
C. jejuni HP5090 C. je IVSC AB491953
C. jejuni HP5100 C. je IVSD AB491954
C. coli 27 C. co IVS AB491955
C. upsaliensis G1104 C. up IVSA AB491956
C. upsaliensis 60-1 C. up IVSB AB491957
C. upsaliensis 2 C. up IVSC AB491958
C. upsaliensis 15 C. up IVSD AB491959
C. fetus cf2-1 C. fe IVS AB491960
C. curvus LMG7610 C. cu IVSA AB491961
C. curvus LMG11033 C. cu IVSB AB491962