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Figure 7

From: Identification and characterization of intervening sequences within 23S rRNA genes from more than 200 Campylobacterisolates from seven species including atypical campylobacters

Figure 7

Electrophoretic profiles of purified RNA from the Campylobacter isolates containing IVSs. In the helix 25 (A) and 45 (B) regions within 23S rRNA genes. Purified RNA from E. coli DH5α was employed as a reference marker (lane 1). (A) Lane 2, C. sputorum bv. sputorum LMG7975; lane 3, bv. fecalis LMG 8531; lane 4, bv. fecalis LMG 11761; lane 5, C. coli NCTC11366; lane 6, C. upsaliensis 12-1; lane 7, C. fetus 8414c; lane 8, C. hyointestinalis ATCC35217; lane 9, C. concisus LMG 7789; lane 10, C. curvus LMG13935. (B) Lane 2, C. jejuni 81-176; lane 3, C. coli 165; lane 4, C. upsaliensis LMG8850; lane 5, C. fetus ATCC27374; lane 6, C. curvus LMG 7609; lane 7, C. upsaliensis 12-1; lane 8, C. fetus 8414c; lane 9. C. hyointestinalis ATCC35217.

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