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Figure 1

From: Identification and characterization of intervening sequences within 23S rRNA genes from more than 200 Campylobacterisolates from seven species including atypical campylobacters

Figure 1

Profiles of PCR products amplified with Campylobacter isolates using a primer pair of f-/r-Cl23h25. Lane M, 100 bp DNA ladder (New England Biolabs Inc. England, UK); Lane 1, C. jejuni 81-176; lane 2, C. coli 165; lane 3, C. upsaliensis LMG8850; lane 4, C. fetus ATCC27374; lane 5, C. hyointestinalis ATCC35217; lane 6, C. sputrum bv. sputorum LMG7975; lane 7, C. sputorum bv. fecalis LMG8531; lane 8, C. concisus LMG7789; lane 9, C. curvus LMG7609.

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