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Figure 2

From: Inactivation of the fliY gene encoding a flagellar motor switch protein attenuates mobility and virulence of Leptospira interrogansstrain Lai

Figure 2

Confirmation for insertion mutantion of fliY gene in the fliY- mutant. Panel A, showing PCR analysis. Lane 1: DNA marker (TaKaRa); lane 2: the amplification segment (2019 bp) of mutated fliY gene from the fliY- mutant; lane 3: the amplification segment (1065 bp) of the fliY gene from the wild-type strain; lane 4: blank control for PCR. Panel B, showing Western Blot analysis. Lane 1: protein marker (TaKaRa); lane 2: the fliY- mutant lacking the FliY protein; lane 3: the wild-type strain expressing the FliY protein; lane 4: blank control for Western Blot assay. rFliY antiserum was used as the primary antibody.

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