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Figure 6

From: Novel Tn4371-ICE like element in Ralstonia pickettiiand Genome mining for comparative elements

Figure 6

Amplification of genes of the putative Tn 4371 -like ICE ICETn43716043 in Ralstonia pickettii strain ULM001 (a laboratory purified water isolate). A scheme of the amplified genes is shown above the 0.7% agarose gel of the PCR products generated with the primers listed in Table 2. Open white arrows denote ORFs of the Ralstonia pickettii ICE, and small black arrows represent the relative location of primers. Lanes M1 and M2 contain 200-10000 bp molecular size markers (Bioline Hyperladder I), respectively. The lanes and the product sizes are as follows: Lane 1, int gene and flanking bases (1035 bp); Lane 2 RepA gene (1657 bp), Lane 3 traG gene (1483 bp); Lane 4 trbI gene (1597 bp).

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