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Table 1 Nucleotide identity percentage cutoff values defining genotypes for 11 rotavirus gene segments [5].

From: RotaC: A web-based tool for the complete genome classification of group A rotaviruses

Gene product Cutoff value (%) Genotype (n)a Description of gene product
VP7 80 G (24) Glycolylated
VP4 80 P (33) Protease sensitive
VP6 85 I (14) Intermediate capsid shell
VP1 83 R (6) RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
VP2 84 C (6) Core shell protein
VP3 81 M (7) Methyltransferase
NSP1 79 A (16) Interferon antagonist
NSP2 85 N (6) NTPase
NSP3 85 T (8) Translation enhancer
NSP4 85 E (12) Enterotoxin
NSP5 91 H (8) Phosphoprotein
  1. a current number of genotypes, which will be updated when new genotypes are assigned by the RCWG.