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Figure 4

From: Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation at the physiologic glucose concentration depends on the S. aureus lineage

Figure 4

Biomass formation related to the genetic background of S. aureus. Absorbance (A590) of the crystal violet stained biofilm matrix of strong biofilm forming S. aureus strains in relation to different associated MLST CCs (a) and of strong biofilm forming strains associated with MLST CC1, CC5, CC8, CC22, CC30 and CC45 (b). R in the legend represents MRSA and S represents MSSA. Quantification of strains of the specified genetic background defined as strong biofilm former at different glucose concentrations, (c) and (d). Asterisks denote statistically significant difference, (b) and (d), and statistical significant difference of individual CCs versus all other associated MLST CCs, (a) and (c), except #, (*) P < 0.05 and (**) P < 0.01.

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