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Table 2 Cronobacter spp. isolates and the Genbank accession numbers of their 16S rRNA sequences.

From: Isolation of Cronobacter spp. (formerly Enterobacter sakazakii) from infant food, herbs and environmental samples and the subsequent identification and confirmation of the isolates using biochemical, chromogenic assays, PCR and 16S rRNA sequencing

Isolate number GenBank accession number Isolate number GenBank accession number
146A_095P.seq FJ906897 175_095P. seq FJ906898
s20B.seq FJ906899 22_095P.seq FJ906900
s32.seq FJ906901 s44A.seq FJ906902
s44B.seq FJ906903 s52.seq FJ906904
s77.seq FJ906905 s93.seq FJ906906
s95.seq FJ906907 s96.seq FJ906908
s112.seq FJ906909 s146B.seq FJ906910
s148.seq FJ906911 s149.seq FJ906912
s154.seq FJ906913 s160A.seq FJ906914
s160B.seq FJ906915 s170.seq FJ906916
s171.seq FJ906917 s172.seq FJ906918
s173.seq FJ906919 s174.seq FJ906920
ss176.seq FJ906921 s178.seq FJ906922
ss183.seq FJ906923 s184.seq FJ906924
s204.seq FJ906925