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Figure 4

From: Surface proteins that promote adherence of Staphylococcus aureusto human desquamated nasal epithelial cells

Figure 4

Adherence of Newman mutants to desquamated nasal epithelial cells. The ability of (A) Newman clfA, Newman clfA clfB, Newman clfA sdrCDE and Newman clfA clfB sdrCDE grown to exponential phase in TSB and (B) Newman, Newman clfA, Newman clfA clfB, Newman clfA sdrCDE, Newman clfA isdA, Newman clfA isdA sdrCDE, Newman clfA clfB sdrCDE, Newman clfA isdA clfB, and Newman clfA isdA clfB sdrCDE grown to stationary phase in RPMI to adhere to desquamated human nasal epithelial cells was measured. The tenth track is a control without S. aureus showing background due to adherent bacteria from the donor. Counts represent the number of bacterial cells adhering to 100 squamous cells. Results are expressed as the mean of triplicate experiments +/- standard deviations.

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