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Table 5 Map strain types infecting multiple host species on a single property

From: Occurrence of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis across host species and European countries with evidence for transmission between wildlife and domestic ruminants

Property Typing profile Species
EN [2-1] INMV1 C17 Cow, hare, rabbit, rook, stoat
CF [2-1] INMV1 C17 Crow, fox, rabbit (5)
DR [2-1] INMV1 C17 Cow, rabbit (4), woodmouse
GE [2-1] INMV1 C17 Fox, stoat (2), weasel
I [2-1] INMV1 C17 Rabbit, sheep
R [2-1] INMV1 C17 Cow, rabbit
KV [2-19] INMV2 C5 Goat, sheep
  1. Numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of animals of that species identified with the given typing profile