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Table 1 The 213 Y. pestis isolates used in this study

From: MLVA distribution characteristics of Yersinia pestisin China and the correlation analysis

Plague focus in China Focus designation in this study Geographical origin Year No. of isolates tested
Marmota caudate Plague Focus of the Pamirs Plateau A   Xinjiang 1956-1997 10
Marmota baibacina-Spermophilus undulates Plague Focus of the Tianshan Mountains B B1 Xinjiang ------ 0
   B2 Xinjiang 1958-1998 12
   B3 Xinjiang 1956-1994 20
   B4 Xinjiang 1975-1987 6
Marmota himalayana Plague Focus of the Qinghai-Gansu-Tibet Grassland C   Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu 1954-1997 38
Marmota himalayana Plague Focus of the Qilian Mountain D   Qinghai, Gansu 1958-2001 20
Apodemus chevrieri-Eothenomys miletus Plague Focus of the highland of Northwestern Yunnan Province E   Yunnan 1954-1994 12
Rattus flavipectus Plague Focus of the Yunnan-Guangdong-Fujian provinces F   Yunnan, Guizhou 1952-2002 22
Marmota himalayana Plague Focus of the Gangdisi Mountains G   Tibet 1966-1998 13
Spermophilus dauricus Plague Focus of the Song-Liao Plain H   Inner Mongolia, Jilin 1953-1970 10
Meriones unguiculatus Plague Focus of the Inner Mogolian Plateau I   Inner Mongolia, Hebei 1970-1995 8
Spermophilus dauricus alaschanicus Plague Focus of the Loess Plateau in Gansu and Ningxia provinces J   Ningxia, Gansu 1962-1978 9
Marmota himalayana Plague Focus of the Kunlun Mountains K K1 Xinjiang 1972-1979 6
   K2   1985 2
Microtus brandti Plague Focus of the Xilin Gol Grassland L   Inner Mongolia 1970-1987 9
Microtus fuscus Plague Focus of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau M   Qinghai, Sichuan 1997-2001 10
Marmota sibirica Plague Focus of the Hulun Buir Plateau of Inner Mongolia N   Inner Mongolia ------ 0
Rhombomys opimus Plague Focus of the Junggar Basin of Xinjiang O   Xinjiang ------ 0
Yulong, Yunnan P   Yunnan 2006 5