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Table 2 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: 2D proteome analysis initiates new Insights on the SalmonellaTyphimurium LuxS protein

Name Description Reference
S. Typhimurium SL1344 Parent strain [44]
CMPG5649 S. Typhimurium luxS3xFLAG This work
CMPG5702 Insertion of a kanamycin resistance gene in the ClaI restriction site of the luxS gene of SL1344;luxS::KmR This work
CMPG5726 S. Typhimurium SL1344 ΔphoN This work
CMPG5729 S. Typhimurium SL1344 luxSβla This work
pTn5-blam Plasmid used as template for construction of CMPG5729 [49]
pKD4 Plasmid used as template for construction of CMPG5726 [48]
pSUB11 Plasmid used as template for construction of CMPG5649 [50]
pCVD442 Positive selection suicide vector [52]
pACYC184 Derivative of p15A; TcR; CmR [54]
pFAJ1708 Derivative of RK-2; ApR; TcR; contains nptII promoter of pUC18-2 [55]
pCMPG5664 pACYC184 containing the luxS gene of SL1344 [13]
pCMPG5700 pUCBM20 containing the luxS gene and flanking regions of SL1344 in SacI restriction site; ApR, lacZ This work
pCMPG5718 pACYC184 with luxS: Y88→F88 This work
pCMPG5719 pACYC184 with luxS: Y88→D88 This work
pCMPG5720 pACYC184 with luxS: Y126→F126 This work
pCMPG5721 pACYC184 with luxS: Y126→D126 This work
pCMPG5722 pACYC184 with luxS: Y131→D131 This work
pCMPG5723 pACYC184 with luxS: Y131→F131 This work
pCMPG5730 pACYC184 vector containing luxSphoA fusion protein with luxS promoter This work
pCMPG5734 pFAJ1708 containing PhoA with signal peptide; positive control This work
pCMPG5748 pFAJ1708 containing PhoA without signal peptide; negative control This work
pCMPG5743 pCMPG5664 with point mutation in luxS: C83→A83 This work