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Table 1 Differentially expressed spots in the 2D-DIGE analysis

From: 2D proteome analysis initiates new Insights on the SalmonellaTyphimurium LuxS protein

Spot nr.a Name Description Protein IDb Av. Ratioc p-valued
luxS mutant vs. wildtype
1 LuxS S-ribosylhomocysteine lyase Q9L4T0 -13.50 9.80E-04
2 LuxS S-ribosylhomocysteine lyase Q9L4T0 -9.77 1.70E-03
3 n.i. n.i n.i. -3.94 7.00E-03
4 FljB Phase 2 flagellin P52616 -2.11 5.00E-04
5 FljB Phase 2 flagellin P52616 -1.75 8.00E-04
6 n.i. n.i. n.i. -1.72 1.40E-03
  1. a Corresponding spot number on the gel image in Figure 1
  2. b Protein identification number
  3. c Average fold increase (positive ratio) or decrease (negative ratio) in expression of a protein in the mutant compared to the wildtype
  4. d P-value of the t-test analysis comparing the mutants to the wildtype
  5. n.i. indicates not identified