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Table 3 Protein-synthesis and energy-metabolism genes expressed differentially* by the BALF-exposed malT mutant

From: malT knockout mutation invokes a stringent type gene-expression profile in Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in bronchoalveolar fluid

Type of the product encoded by the differentially expressed gene Up-regulated genes Down-regulated genes
Ribosomal proteins and their modifiers rpmE rplQ, rpsQ, rplI, rpmG
tRNA base modifiers queA alaS, truD, trmU,
Transcription and transcription-related factors   deaD, rnc, rph, nusA, nusB
Amino acid biosynthetic enzymes trpD, dapA, argD, proC, leuC, ilvH, tyrR aroA, aroB,
Periplasmic nitrate reductase (nap operon)   napB, napG, napF, napD, napH
Nitrite reductase (nrf operon)   nrfB, nrfC
Dimethyle sulfoxide reducatse (dms operon)   dmsA, dmsB
Hydrogenases   hyaA, hybB
Amino acid catabolism   sdaA, aspA
pyruvate formate-lyase 1-activating enzyme   PflA
Glycolysis and gluconeogenesis gpmB, pepC FruK
TCA cycle enzymes sucD, lpdA  
Non-glucose hexose-monosaccharide metabolism enzymes mtlD nagZ
Products of central intermediary metabolism   ureA, ppx
ATP synthase   atpC, atpB
Formate dehydrogenase   fdhE
Products involved in fermentation dld, aldA  
Regulatory proteins narP, sixA, gntR, cysB, asnC, gcvA, rseA arcA, iclR
Cofactors folA, folP, pdxY, thiH hemB, chuW, lipA, ispA, ddc, dxs, ispE, iscA
  1. * Differential expression of a gene in the malT mutant is relative to the level of expression of the gene in the wild-type organism (reference sample) as measured in microarray experiments. For complete gene names and the fold changes in gene expression see Additional file 1: Analyzed microarray data.