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Table 1 C. lari isolates and other thermophilic Campylobacter reference strains analyzed in the present study and their accession numbers of the nucleotide sequence data accessible in DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank

From: Structural analysis of the full-length gene encoding a fibronectin-binding-like protein (CadF) and its adjacent genetic loci within Campylobacter lari

Isolate no. Source Country Accession number
C. lari JCM2530T Seagull Japan AB465344
C. lari 298 Human Canada AB465345
C. lari 300 Seagull USA AB465346
C. lari 84C-1 Human N. Ireland AB465347
UPTC 99 Sea water N. Ireland AB465348
UPTC NCTC12892 River water England AB295430
UPTC NCTC12893 River water England AB295431
UPTC NCTC12894 Sea water England AB295432
UPTC NCTC12895 Mussel England AB295433
UPTC NCTC12896 Mussel England AB295434
UPTC CF89-12 River water Japan AB295435
UPTC A1 Seagull N. Ireland AB295436
UPTC A2 Seagull N. Ireland AB295437
UPTC A3 Seagull N. Ireland AB295438
UPTC 89049 Human France AB295439
UPTC 92251 Human France AB295440
C. lari RM2100 Human USA AAFK01000002
C. jejuni NCTC11168 Human USA NC_002163
C. jejuni RM1221 Chicken USA NC_003912
C. jejuni 81-176 Human USA NC_008787
C. jejuni 260.94 Human South Africa AANK01000004
C. jejuni CF93-6 Human Japan AAFJ01000005
C. jejuni HB93-13 Human China AANQ01000001
C. jejuni 84-25 Human Unknown AANT02000001
C. jejuni ss doylei 269.97 Human Unknown AARB01000000
C. coli RM2228 Chicken USA AAFL01000008
C. upsaliensis RM3195 Human USA AAFJ01000005