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Table 5 A list of detected proteins, by P. gingivalis PGN number [11], assigned to tRNA synthetases and transferases as determined using DAVID.

From: Pathway analysis for intracellular Porphyromonas gingivalis using a strain ATCC 33277 specific database

Increased (16) Unchanged (8) Decreased Levels (3)
PGN_0209 PGN_0360 PGN_0137 PGN_0278 PGN_0266 PGN_0278
PGN_0365 PGN_0517 PGN_0281 PGN_0366 PGN_1157  
PGN_0543 PGN_0570 PGN_0569 PGN_0981   
PGN_0819 PGN_0962 PGN_1711 PGN_1883   
PGN_0987 PGN_1218     
PGN_1229 PGN_1381     
PGN_1805 PGN_1969     
PGN_2045 PGN_2060     
  1. Proteins are listed by ORF number in the same manner as in Table 3.