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Table 3 Mutations detected in the genes involved in melanin biosynthesis for A. fumigatus isolates IHEM 2508, 9860 and 15998

From: Melanin is an essential component for the integrity of the cell wall of Aspergillus fumigatus conidia

Isolate Point mutations in genesa
IHEM 2508 (FJ406465) (FJ406471) (FJ406477) (FJ406483) (FJ406489) (FJ167495)
  G1203Ab C1017Ab G843T - A677Cb A582Gb
  A4636Tb   T1053Cb    
IHEM 9860 (FJ406466) (FJ406472) (FJ406478) (FJ406484) (FJ406490) (FJ167496)
  C720T C1017Ab T1053Cb - A677Cb A582Gb
  G1203Ab     T594A  
  A4636Tb     C1391G  
IHEM 15998 (FJ406468) (FJ406474) (FJ406480) (FJ406486) (FJ406492) (FJ167498)
  G1203Ab C1017Ab X751G - A677Cb A582Gb
  A4636Tb   G843T    
  T5639Cb   T1053Cb    
  1. a Mutations are described as follow: first letter corresponds to the nucleotide present in the GenBank database sequence for the corresponding gene (accession numbers; AF025541, AF116902, AF099736, AFU95042, AF116901, AF104823 for ALB1, AYG1,ARP2, ARP1, ABR1 and ABR2, respectively), the number represents the relative position from the start of the reference sequence, and the second letter represents the nucleotide found in the gene sequence for isolates IHEM 2508, 9860 or 15998. The letter X placed after the number indicates a deletion of the corresponding nucleotide, and the same letter placed before the number corresponds to an insertion. The missense mutations found in the different gene sequences are underlined. Nonsense mutations, insertions and deletions are in bold type. Other mutations correspond to silent mutations. Mutations which correspond to polymorphism outside the encoding sequences are not presented here. GenBank accession numbers of the corresponding sequences are in brackets.
  2. b Mutations shared by the three mutant isolates and the two wild-type strains used as controls. All these mutations were silent, corresponding only to polymorphism, except mutations G1203A (replacement of an aspartic acid by an asparagine) and T5639C (replacement of a phenylalanine by a serine) from comparisons to gene sequences available in the Genbank database.