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Table 6 Influence of fluorescent Pseudomonas on growth and nutrient content of maize after 90 days in Environment Control Chamber.

From: Organic acid production in vitro and plant growth promotion in maize under controlled environment by phosphate-solubilizing fluorescent Pseudomonas

  Growth parameter Nutrient content (%)
      Shoot Root
Treatment Plant height (cm) Shoot DW (g/plant) Root length (cm) Root DW (g/plant) N P K N P K
NP0K 116.1h 4.03f 17.5g 0.47hi 1.83d 0.18j 2.50ef 1.39g 0.08i 0.61d
NPTCPK 126.4fgh 4.38ef 18.5fg 0.55hi 1.95cd 0.24ij 2.37f 1.40fg 0.14hi 0.65cd
NPSSPK 135.5bcdef 4.61ef 20.3efg 0.88de 1.98cd 0.31hij 2.63cdef 1.43efg 0.25defg 0.70cd
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 728 131.1cdefg 4.84ef 20.9defg 0.64gh 1.95cd 0.37efghi 2.67cdef 1.97ab 0.26defg 0.93ab
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 736 130.0efg 4.51ef 27.1a 0.55hi 2.22abcd 0.34ghi 3.13abcde 2.03a 0.21gh 0.85abc
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 745 145.9ab 7.57abc 26.6ab 1.16b 2.72ab 0.64a 3.43ab 1.91abc 0.40a 0.98a
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 747 142.0abcde 7.79ab 24.8abcd 1.11bc 2.63abc 0.56abc 3.10abcde 1.84abcde 0.32bcde 0.86abc
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 749 141.5abcde 6.04bcde 24.9abcd 1.34a 2.20abcd 0.43cdefgh 2.92bcdef 1.50cdefg 0.23fg 0.74bcd
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 750 126.8fgh 4.75ef 20.9defg 0.51hi 2.18abcd 0.57abc 2.60def 1.55bcdefg 0.31cde 0.74bcd
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 757 142.6abcd 5.63def 23.5abcd 1.08bc 2.45abcd 0.50abcdef 2.83bcdef 1.63abcdefg 0.24efg 0.79abcd
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 759 148.8a 5.14def 25.8abc 0.62gh 2.49abcd 0.53abcd 3.47ab 1.93ab 0.30cdef 0.74bcd
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 763 146.0ab 4.82ef 24.0abcd 0.66fgh 2.60abc 0.49bcdefg 2.93bcdef 1.70abcdefg 0.26defg 0.83abcd
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 769 141.0abcde 7.70abc 26.5ab 0.84def 2.10bcd 0.39defgh 2.60def 1.56bcdefg 0.23fg 0.74bcd
NPTCPK+Pp BIHB 730 126.4fgh 8.55a 26.5ab 0.81efg 2.27abcd 0.51abcde 2.77cdef 1.49cdefg 0.25defg 0.74bcd
NPTCPK+Pp BIHB 752 130.6defg 5.89cdef 22.4bcdef 0.52hi 2.15bcd 0.36fghi 3.27abc 1.95ab 0.39ab 0.78abcd
NPTCPK+Pp BIHB 808 143.5abc 5.46def 24.1abcd 0.63gh 2.64abc 0.63ab 3.10abcde 1.88abcd 0.27cdef 0.68cdcd
NPTCPK+Pf BIHB 740 137.0abcdefg 6.83abcd 24.8abcd 1.01bcd 2.58abc 0.39defgh 2.75cdef 1.43efg 0.24defg 0.82abcd
NPTCPK+P sp BIHB 751 119.5gh 4.84ef 22.5bcdef 0.41i 2.58abc 0.30hij 2.72cdef 1.47defg 0.20gh 0.62d
NPTCPK+P sp BIHB 756 141.1abcde 6.88abcd 26.0ab 0.92cde 2.88a 0.61ab 3.67a 1.90abc 0.35abc 0.82abcd
NPTCPK+P sp BIHB 804 131.4cdefg 5.03def 23.4abcd 0.96cde 2.40abcd 0.59ab 3.17abcd 1.37g 0.20gh 0.79abcd
NPTCPK+P sp BIHB 811 127.3fgh 4.46ef 18.5fg 0.58hi 2.25abcd 0.31hij 2.63cdef 1.95ab 0.32bcd 0.77bcd
NPTCPK+P sp BIHB 813 130.9defg 8.58a 21.4cdefg 0.48hi 2.47abcd 0.39defgh 3.27abc 1.82abcdefg 0.22gh 0.76bcd
  1. Values are the mean of 8 replicates. N and K applied as ammonium sulfate @ 240 kg N/ha, and muriate of potash @ 80 kg K/ha to all the treatments, respectively. TCP = tricalcium phosphate (120 kg P/ha). SSP = single super phosphate (120 kg P/ha). Values with common letters in each column do not differ statistically according to Duncan's Multiple Range Test at p ≤ 0.01. DW = dry weight, Pt = P. trivialis, Pp = P. poae, Pf = P. fluorescens, and P sp = Pseudomonas