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Table 3 Serotype and phenotype of Escherichia coli isolated from fecal samples from patients with active and inactive IBD and from controls.

From: A phylogenetic group of Escherichia coli associated with active left-sided Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Disease group Reference number Virulence Genes O TYPE K TYPE H TYPE Hemolysin
Control c1 - O81 K16 H- -
Control c2 astA O6 K39 H- -
Control c3 - O77 K96 H18 -
Control c4 - O57, O155 K39 H19 -
Control c5 - OX184 K- H10 -
Control c6 - O126 K- H20 -
Control c12 ND     
Control c14 - Oru K18 H19 -
Control c16 - O1 K1 H- Ent
Control c17 astA O101 K+ H56 -
IBD Inactive p10A - O125ac K+ H10 -
  p10B - Oru K? H4 -
IBD Inactive p11 - O23 K18 H15 Ent.
IBD Inactive p15 astA O17 K52 H18 -
IBD Inactive p18 ND     
IBD Inactive p20 ND     
IBD Inactive p23 - O156 K+ H- -
IBD Inactive p26 - O9, OX186 K+ H12 Ent.
IBD Inactive p27 - O12 K1 H- Ent.
IBD inactive p31 - O2 K1 H4 -
IBD Inactive p32   O6 K43 H1 -
IBD Active p7 astA O2 K2 H1 Ent
IBD Active p8 ND     
IBD Active p13 - O39 K4 H4 -
IBD Active p19A - O6 K2 H1 Alpha
  p19B SLM862 O2 K5 H4 -
IBD Active p22 - O18ac K5 H- Alpha
IBD Active p25 astA O6 K5 H1 Ent.
IBD Active p29 aatA O+ K- H10 -
IBD Active p30 - O2 K1 H4 -
  1. Uropathogenic E. coli associated O-type in bold.