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Table 1 Characteristics of patients with active and inactive inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and of controls.

From: A phylogenetic group of Escherichia coli associated with active left-sided Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  Controls Inactive UC Active UC Inactive CD Active CD
N 10 5 6 5 2
id numbers c11, c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, c12, c14, c16, c17 p10, p23, p26, p27, p32 p7, p8, p13, p19, p22, p25 p11, p15, p18, p20, p31 p29, p30
M/F 6/4 2/13 5/1 1/4 2/0
mean age 27 (21–33) 40 (37–54) 42 (34–71) 48 (34–65) 48
localization of disease, (present when active, previous when inactive) None Proctosigmoid colon (p10, p23, p26), pancolitis (p32), rectum (p27) rectum (p8), proctosigmoid colon (p7, p19, p22),
pancolitis (p13, p25)
descending colon (p15, p18, p20),
proctosigmoid colon (p14, p31)
colon with skip lesions (p29),
proctosigmoid colon (p30)
Medication None 5-ASA (p10, p23, p26),
azathioprine (p27),
none (p32)
5-ASA (all),
Azathioprine (p13, p19),
prednisolone (p13)
None (p15, p18, p31),
5-ASA (p20),
prednisolone (p11)
5-ASA (p29), none
  1. UC; Ulcerative Colits, CD; Crohn's disease.
  2. Controls have the prefix "c" and patients "p".