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Table 3 Additional amino acid substitutions identified by ERG11 sequencing in five C. albicans isolates with reduced susceptibility to fluconazole.

From: Rapid detection of ERG11 gene mutations in clinical Candida albicans isolates with reduced susceptibility to fluconazole by rolling circle amplification and DNA sequencing

Patient/isolate no. Substitutions detected by RCA Substitutions detected by DNA sequencing
5 G307S G307S, G450V
6-Aa E266D E266D, D153E
6-Ba D116E D116E, D153E
10 E266D, V488I, S405F, Y132H E266D, V488I, S405F, Y132H, K108E
11 E266D, V437I E266D, V437I, F126L
12-Aa G464S G464S, K108E
  1. a The "A" and "B" notation of patient numbers refers to isolates which were cultured sequentially from the same patient at different times.