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Table 1 RCAaanalysis of azole–resistant C. albicans isolates with known ERG11 mutationsb.

From: Rapid detection of ERG11 gene mutations in clinical Candida albicans isolates with reduced susceptibility to fluconazole by rolling circle amplification and DNA sequencing

    MIC (μg/ml)   
Patient no. Isolate
Body site of
FLUa VORa Previously-characterized
amino acid substitution(s)
substitution(s) by RCA
1 C438 Oropharynx 128 2 Y257H, G464S Y257H, G464S
  C440 Oropharynx >256 >16 A61V, Y257H, G307S, G464S A61V, Y257H, G307S, G464S
2 C470 Oropharynx 32 0.25 S405F S405F
3 C480 Oropharynx 128 8 G464S, K128T, R467I G464S, K128T, R467I
4 C507 Oropharynx 64 8 G464S, H283R, Y132H G464S, H283R, Y132H
5 C527 Oropharynx 256 4 G450E, Y132H G450E, Y132H
6 C577 Oropharynx 128 0.5 G464S G464S
7 C594 Oropharynx 128 16 S405F, Y132H S405F, Y132H
  1. a Abbreviations: RCA, rolling circle amplification; FLU, fluconazole; VOR, voriconazole.
  2. b Chau et al. [15].