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Table 1 Effect of silencing seven An. gambiae genes or their orthologs in An. stephensi on the intensity of P. berghei, P. falciparum or P. yoelii infection.

From: Mosquito immune responses and compatibility between Plasmodium parasites and anopheline mosquitoes

An. gambiae Gene ID Gene An. gambiae P. berghei(21°C) An. gambiae P. falciparum(26°C) An. stephensi P. yoelii(24°C)
AGAP005627 ArgK Decrease 1 Decrease  
AGAP010892 Sol. trsp. No effect1 No effect  
AGAP005233 Tetrasp. Increase 1 Increase  
AGAP001751 OXR1 Decrease 1 No effect No effect
AGAP004192 Hsc-3 Increase 1 Decrease Increase
AGAP000761 GSTT1 Decrease No effect No effect
AGAP000888 GSTT2 Decrease Increase Increase
AGAP006348 LRIM1 Increase 2 No effect.3 No effect
AGAP005335 CTL4 Decrease 2 No effect.3 No effect
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  2. 2Osta et al., 2004
  3. 3Cohuet et al., 2006