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Figure 2

From: MLVA-16 typing of 295 marine mammal Brucella isolates from different animal and geographic origins identifies 7 major groups within Brucella ceti and Brucella pinnipedialis

Figure 2

MLVA-16 clustering analysis of 93 B. pinnipedialis strains defines 3 groups of strains. All B. pinnipedialis isolates cluster together in the second part (genotypes 75 to 117) of the dendogram constructed from MLVA-16 testing of 294 Brucella isolates obtained from 173 marine mammals (pinnipeds, otter and cetaceans) and one human patient from New Zealand. In the columns, the following data are presented: DNA batch (key), genotype, strain identification, organ, year of isolation, host (AWSD: Atlantic White Sided Dolphin), host (Latin name), geographic origin, MLVA panel 1 genotype, sequence type when described by Groussaud et al. [25]. The colour code reflects the host species (see Figure 3 for detailed correspondence). No colour was used when identical genotypes were observed in different host species. The red branch (genotype 117) corresponds to the human isolate (ST27). The letter nomenclature proposed by Groussaud et al. is used (B. pinnipedialis, cluster C, including C1 (ST24), C2 (ST25) and C3 (ST25)).

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