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Table 2 Major Spoligotypes in Zambia

From: Isolation and characterization of Mycobacterium bovisstrains from indigenous Zambian cattle using Spacer oligonucleotide typing technique

Spoligotype1 Shared type2 Geographical distribution
Sp1 SB0120 France, Belgium, Brazil, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Iran, The Netherlands, Spain, China, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Denmark, Zambia
Sp2 SB0871 France
Sp3 SB1763* Zambia
Sp4 SB1764* Zambia
Sp5 SB1572 Italy
Sp6 SB1765* Zambia
Sp7 SB1536 Italy
Sp8 SB1766* Zambia
Sp9 SB1767* Zambia
Sp10 SB0162 Belgium
  1. 1 Arbitrary spoligotype designation
  2. 2 Shared type, designation of the spoligotype in the World Spoligotype Database.
  3. *New Spoligotype assigned by