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Figure 1

From: Enterococci in river Ganga surface waters: Propensity of species distribution, dissemination of antimicrobial-resistance and virulence-markers among species along landscape

Figure 1

Map of study area/sampling sites in the landscape. Inset view simulates the complete 2510 km stretch of river Ganga from Himalaya to Bay of Bengal. Abbreviations: S#1, site 1: Bithoor (most upstream site); S#2, site 2: Bhairon ghat; S#3, site 3: Parmat ghat; S#4, site 4: sattichaura ghat or nana-rao ghat; S#5, site 5: jajmau (most downstream site). Arrows indicate the direction of surface water flow in the up-to-down-gradient fashion in the landscape. Topographic data based upon Survey of India map (adopted from

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