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Table 1 Samples tested for m-PCR validation

From: Simultaneous differential detection of Chlamydophila abortus, Chlamydophila pecorum and Coxiella burnetii from aborted ruminant's clinical samples using multiplex PCR

Geographic locality Animal's specie Samples
   Placentas Vaginal swabs Milks Feces
   VCL 04 Ovine   15   
  Bovine    2 1
  Caprine   28 28  
   Experimental Unit (INRA-Tours) Ovine   34 34 34
   VCL 37 Ovine 1    
  Bovine 1    
  Caprine 3    
   Institute of Veterinary Research Ovine   71   
  Caprine   1   
   Total   5 149 64 35
  1. A total of 253 clinical samples including placentas, vaginal swab milk and feces were taken from ruminants flocks belonging to different geographic localities in France and in Tunisia. The gestation statue of the sampled animals was recorded and all tested animals were identified.