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Figure 3

From: Simultaneous differential detection of Chlamydophila abortus, Chlamydophila pecorum and Coxiella burnetii from aborted ruminant's clinical samples using multiplex PCR

Figure 3

Electrophoresis analysis of PCR products amplified using pmp/pmpR821, CpcF/CpcR or Trans-1/Trans-2 primers sets on either AB7, iB1, Nine Miles references strains or naturally infected biological samples (A) and their respective RFLP profiles after digestion with AluI (B). M: 100-bp ladder. Lane 1: Cp. abortus AB7; lanes 2 and 3: vaginal swab taken from two aborted ewes; lane 4: Cp. pecorum iB1; lane 5: vaginal swab taken from aborted ewe; lane 6: C. burnetii Nine Miles; lanes 7 and 8: Milk sample taken from two aborted goats.

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