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Table 3 PCR target and GenBank Accession IDs for strains used in this study.

From: Carbon and arsenic metabolism in Thiomonas strains: differences revealed diverse adaptation processes

Strain 16S rpoA aoxAB arsB1 arsB2
3As AM492684a EU339226 EU339209 EU339214 EU339217
Ynys1 AF387302a EU339223 n/d EU339216 n/d
WJ68 AY455805a EU339224 EU339213 n/s n/d
T. arsenivorans AY950676a EU339231 EU304260a n/d EU339222
T. perometabolis AY455808a EU339230 n/d EU339215 n/d
  1. a Accession IDs from other studies; n/d, no data; n/s, sequence not submitted: the arsB1 and arsB2 sequences obtained with the internal primers were short and therefore were not submitted to the GenBank sequence repository.