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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in the study

From: The highly conserved serine threonine kinase StkP of Streptococcus pneumoniae contributes to penicillin susceptibility independently from genes encoding penicillin-binding proteins

Strain or plasmid Genotype or description Phenotypea Source or reference
S. pneumoniae    
R6 Non-capsulated D39 derivative, susceptible reference strain; genome sequence available (R6) AtbS Laboratory stock
ATCC BAA-334 Virulent reference strain, genome sequence available (TIGR4) AtbS ATCC
ATCC 51916 Reference strain Tennessee 23F-4 PenR, EryR, ATCC
ATCC 700670 Reference strain Spain 6B-2 PenR, CmR, TetR ATCC
ATCC 700673 Reference strain Hungary 19A-6 PenR, EryR, CmR, TetR ATCC
URA1258 Multiresistant strain closely related to Spain 23F-1 clone PenR, CmR, TetR [21]
Cp1015 D39 derivate, str1; hexA SmR [31]
Cp1016 D39 derivate, str1; hexA, rif23 RifR [31]
Cp7000 Cp1015, stkP::cat SmR CmR This study
Pen1 Cp1015, penA, and pbpX from URA1258 SmR PenR This study
Pen2 Cp1015, penA, pbpX and pbp1A from URA1258 SmR PenR This study
Pen1STK Cp1015Pen1, stkP::cat SmR PenR CmR This study
Pen2STK Cp1015Pen2, stkP::cat SmR PenR CmR This study
E. coli    
DH5α F-, φ80lac ZΔM15, Δ(lac ZYA-arg F)U169, deo R, rec A1, end A1, hsd R17(rk-, mk+), pho A, sup E44, λ-, thi-1, gyr A96, rel A1 NalR [8]
plSTK 3.5 kb EcoRI/SacII fragment containing stkP and flanking regions with cat cassette inserted ApR, CmR [6]
  1. a: ApR, resistant to ampicillin; AtbS, Susceptible to all tested antibiotics; CmR, resistant to chloramphenicol; EryR, resistant to erythromycin; NalR, resistant to nalixidic acid; PenR, non-susceptible to penicillin G; RifR, resistant to rifamycin; SmR, resistant to streptomycin; TetR, resistant to tetracycline.