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Figure 5

From: Expression and subcellular localization of kinetoplast-associated proteins in the different developmental stages of Trypanosoma cruzi

Figure 5

Distribution of TcKAP4 in T. cruzi. Immunolocalization of TcKAP4 in epimastigotes (A-D), amastigotes/intermediate forms (E-H) and trypomastigotes (I-L) of T. cruzi. In epimastigotes (B) and amastigotes (F-arrow), the protein is distributed throughout the kDNA disk (insets). In intermediate forms (F-arrowhead) and trypomastigotes (J-inset), a peripheral labeling of the kinetoplast was observed. (A-E-I) Phase-contrast image, (B-F-J) fluorescence image using anti-TcKAP4 serum, (C-G-K) propidium iodide showing the nucleus (n) and the kinetoplast (k), and (D-H-L) the overlay image. Bars = 5 μm.

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