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Figure 2

From: Expression and subcellular localization of kinetoplast-associated proteins in the different developmental stages of Trypanosoma cruzi

Figure 2

Comparison of N-terminal sequences of KAPs from C. fasciculata and T. cruzi. The presequences predicted to be involved in kinetoplast import are shown in bold type. The boxes indicate the highly conserved amino acids. Note that all sequences begin with the sequence M, L, R. In all sequences other than those of CfKAP4 and TcKAP4, the fifth amino acid is hydroxylated and the ninth is generally hydrophobic. CfKAP4 (PIR JC6092), CfKAP3 (GenBank accession number AY143553), CfKAP2 (GenBank accession numbers AF008943 and AF008944) and CfKAP1 (GenBank accession number AF034951) are KAPs from C. fasciculata whereas TcKAP4 (GenBank accession number ABR15473) and TcKAP6 (GenBank accession number ABR15474) are T. cruzi KAPs.

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