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Table 3 Genes showing at least two-fold higher expression levels in biofilm-forming Prevotella intermedia strain 17 than those of non-forming variant strain 17-2

From: Gene expression profile and pathogenicity of biofilm-forming Prevotella intermedia strain 17

Gene Fold change Annotation
PIN0258 2.63 Hypothetical protein
PIN0281 3.42 Heat shock protein 90, HtpG
PINA0419 2.17 Hypothetical protein
PINA0775 2.47 Patatin-like phospholipase family protein
PINA1058 2.28 DnaK protein
PINA1693 2.09 Folylpolyglutamate synthase, FolC
PINA1756 2.35 Heat shock protein, DnaJ
PINA1757 2.31 Hypothetical protein
PINA1797 2.33 Chaperonin, 60 kDa, GroEL
PINA1798 2.39 Chaperonin, 10 kDa, GroES
PINA2006 2.17 ClpB protein